About Boris

  • Graduated from “Noorderhaaks” in 1996 as Bachelor of Engineering in Oil- and Gas Well Drilling.

  • Started with Nacap Nederland in 1996 as HDD Rig Superintendent, working in Europe sand the FSU.

  • Moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2001 to become Nacap Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd HDD Manager.

  • Left Nacap in 2004 for a Chinese adventure. Joined Nacap again in 2006 to work on the Tangguh Project. Left Nacap for good in 2010.

  • Worked with PT CGS Indonesia to set up and manage a CBM Drilling business. Finished in 2014 as the oil price fell to a low.

  • Set up Borizontal Ltd in Hong Kong.

  • Completed as Rig Superintendent, Project Manager or Drilling Manager 250 crossings for a total of more than 160 km since 1996.

  • Managed approximately 20 crossings in a marine environment (land to barge / barge to barge / shore approach / offshore pipeline crossing)